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COP21 Climate talks

The 21st session of the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change (COP21), takes place in Paris from November 30th to December 12th.

At this conference 195 groups and countries will gather to try to successfully reach a legally binding, fair and sustainable programme for reducing carbon emissions which is vital to keep Global temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius and secure the future of much of our Planet.

This is seen as a crucial meeting as scientists now agree that while the global climate can change slightly from time to time, the current changes and the speed with which they are happening are of man made origin.

Experts agree that a change of 4 degrees could possibly be fatal for life on earth as we know it.

We ask all to pray for the success of the talks.



COP21 Prayer


Lord guide the leaders at the COP21 Climate Change Conference to come to an agreement

that will secure the future of our Environment.

Help each of us to be mindful in our use of the Earth’s resources that we

may be good stewards of Your Creation.



A Presentation on Climate Change

will be given in the Parish Centre

On Wednesday 9th December at 8.00 pm.

by Emer Cosgrove. All welcome.



Eco Congregation Tuam Parish

Eco Congregation Ireland is a project initiated by the Church in Society Forum – a standing committee of the Irish Inter-Church Meeting.

It encourages churches of all denominations to take an ‘eco approach’ to worship, lifestyle, property and finance management, community outreach and contact with the developing world.

It encourages all to celebrate the gift of God’s Creation, to recognise the inter-dependence of all creation and to care for it in through their lifestyle choices.

It asks all to reflect on the beauty of God’s world, to pray for our wounded planet and the people in the parts of the world already affected by climate change.

It encourages taking practical steps which can prevent further damage to the Environment for all creatures and our own future generations.

Tuam Parish joined the Eco Congregation movement in 2013. Since then the Tuam group have organised events, walks, talks and prayer and reflection services which focus on the gift of God’s Creation and our responsibilities towards it’s protection.

Pope Francis’ recent Encylical ‘Laudato si’ on the Environment and Climate Change is proving to be a best seller world-wide.

We encourage everyone to read it either in book form, (available from Veritas and at the Knock Shrine bookshop) or on the Vatican website


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