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Dear Parishioners,

The Installation Day of our new Archbishop has finally arrived. Attendance at the installation ceremony is significantly curtailed.   Naturally, there is disappointment that we will not be able to mark this historic occasion in Tuam as we would have liked to in normal circumstances. 

The ceremony will be broadcast live on Galway Bay FM and on Parish Radio. Midwest Radio will broadcast the ceremony at the later time of 6.00 pm. In addition, the Installation will be live-streamed on the Cathedral Webcam. 

Archbishop Francis is welcomed to Tuam at the main door of the Cathedral as the ceremony begins. The procession then approaches the altar. The letter from Pope Francis, known as the Papal Mandate, appointing Francis Duffy as Archbishop of Tuam, is read aloud and shown to the assembly. Archbishop Francis is then led to the Cathedra (Archbishop's Chair) by Archbishop Michael and the Papal Nuncio. 

The Nuncio presents the new Archbishop with the Pastoral Staff (crosier), symbolising that Francis Duffy is now entrusted with the pastoral care of the faithful of the Archdiocese of Tuam. Finally, Archbishop Michael presents the new Archbishop with the book of the Gospels with the words: "Receive the gospel and preach the word of God with unfailing patience and sound teaching." 

The new Archbishop then goes to the front of the sanctuary. Representatives of various groups and organisations in the Cathedral Parish and throughout the Archdiocese of Tuam welcome the new Archbishop.

While attendance at the Installation is limited, parishioners are welcome to the Evening Prayer of the Church, celebrated in the Cathedral on Saturday at 8.00 pm.   Both Archbishop Michael and Archbishop Francis will attend the evening prayer in which we pray for our new Pastor on the eve of his Installation as Archbishop of Tuam.

Go dtuga Dia saol fada dó.

Fr. Pat Farragher Adm.

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