Tuam Parish

Dear Parishioners,

Everyday our patience can be tested.  When feeling challenged – especially in times such as these – we can be quick to anger.  Typically we have many outlets for these feelings – we can socialise, meet friends, spend time with family, play sports.  Of course now, some of these are not available to us.  

We need to find alternative ways to release tension, to remain calm.  Both the first reading and Gospel this week provide guidance to us.  We should pray, repent our sins and above all else, forgive.  Sirach (27:30-28:7) tells us ‘Resentment and anger, these are foul things too, and a sinner is a master at them both.  Pardon your neighbour any wrongs done to you, and when you pray, your sinswill be forgiven.’  Matthew (18:21-35) shares ‘Then Peter went up to him and said, 'Lord, how often must I forgive my brother if he wrongs me? As often as seven times?'  Jesus answered, 'Not seven, I tell you, but seventy-seven times.’

This is good advice for this year’s First Holy Communion classes.  They have been very patient and good-natured awaiting their ‘big day’.  It is an important milestone in children’s lives, one bringing them closer to their faith community and a better understanding of it. We wish all of those receiving their First Holy Communion a great and memorable occasion.

Many thanks to parishioners who have been dropping off their weekly envelopes (boxes available in the Cathedral).  In preparing for the return to public Mass, along with the on-going expense of regular sanitising, the Parish’s financial outlays have increased.  These are in addition to our standard costs to run the Parish and provide all of our services.  We are very grateful for your commitment and kindness.  Thank you.

Mindful of this week’s theme of forgiveness, when reciting the Our Father, the Lord’s Prayer, let us emphasise in particular ‘forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.’

Fr. Pat Farragher, Adm.

Tuam Parish Rescheduled First Holy Communion Ceremonies 2020

It has been a long wait for the boys and girls who are preparing for their First Confession and First Holy Communion.  We now look forward to the rescheduled Holy Communion Ceremonies as outlined below. 

Given the requirements for social distancing and the large numbers of students receiving Holy Communion for the first time, it will only be possible for the the child and his/her parents to attend the cermony. 

The liturgies will be simplified with students reading prayers of the faithful and the Mass readings.  Choirs are not recommended at this time and there will be no offertory or symbols so as to minimise the possiblity of contagion. 

First Confession will take place in the days leading up to the First Holy Communion Ceremonies. 

These arrangements for First Confession and First Holy Communion are in place as long as the current Government Road Map for reopening society continues.  If there is a resurgence in cases and further lockdowns, these plans will need to be revised accordingly.

Saturday 12th September 11.30 am

Students from Gardenfield N.S. and Gaelscoil Iarfhlatha 

Saturday 12th September 2.30 pm

Students from Trinity Primary School Campus 1 & 2

Sunday 13th September 2.30 pm

Students from Trinity Primary School Campus 3 & Educate Together N.S.

Saturday 19th September

Students from Brownesgrove N.S. and Lavally N.S. in St. Patrick’s Church Cortoon at 11.00 am  



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