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COP 26 (Conference of the Parties) 2021

The United Nations Climate Change Conference takes place from Sun. October 31st to Fri. November 12th in Glasgow.


It is a critical summit of world leaders on Global Climate Change. To have a chance of limiting warming of the planet by 1.5 degrees, global emissions must halve by 2030 and reach ‘net-zero’ by 2050. This is the figure arrived at by scientists and environmental experts which will prevent the ‘tipping point’ or point of no return for our climate and disaster for the Planet.The attending leaders must reach agreement on the necessary actions to ensure these figures are achieved.

We ask people to inform themselves, become politically active by voting for those politicians who are taking this crisis seriously. It is part of our Christian calling as highlighted by Pope Francis in Laudato Si to combine faith and action to protect Planet Earth “our common home”.




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Members took part in a Bog walk 


Restrictions due to Covid 19

As a group few projects can be undertaken but we can all do our bit individually to love and protect God's Creation.

Many have found the immense benefits of Gardening to our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing in these times of isolation. With Spring at hand we can turn to Nature again for therapy. Leaving a portion of our garden go ‘wild' or planting bee friendly plants or shrubs is an example. Even a window box of lavender is a rewarding effort for all concerned.

While we must wear masks when out and about, the inappropriate disposal of them and plastic gloves is causing serious problems for wildlife. In particular the elastic ear loops on masks are getting caught around bird’s bird’s necks and strangling them or preventing them feed. In the sea it is causing fish and other wildlife to get tangled in them and unable to free themselves they also starve or choke. So, just cutting the elastic ear loops before putting them in the bin prevents this. Washing our hands frequently instead of using plastic gloves where possible also lessens the overload of plastic on the planet.

So we ask for God's help in keeping all creatures safe and well in these challenging times including our own species and we look forward to a time when we will be rambling the country side enjoying His wonderful Creation and each other again.


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Climate justice candle 


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Abbey Trinity Well


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Cookery Course with Maureen Murphy



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Kathryn Brennan of Eco Congregation Ireland presents Tuam Parish with an award in recognition of the excellent work completed in the Parish in the area of environmental awareness.  The award was presented by Kathryn as part of the 10.30 Mass on Sunday May 26th.


Eco congregation Tuam parish

Part of Caring for Creation is being aware the impact that food production has on the Environment. It is becoming increasingly clear that the diet that is good for  people is also good for the Environment, ie. a more plant based diet with a reduction in meat consumption.

To this end Tuam Eco congregation will be holding events that highlight the following areas.

During Lent a vegetarian cooking course will take place in the Family Centre, Dublin rd. Dates Monday 4th March 11.30 - 1pm, Monday 25th March 1.30- 3.00pm, Monday 1st April 11.30 - 1pm. Attendance at 1 or all is welcome. Numbers are limited.

Contact no. 087 1259998.

Further events will include

Information on the benefits for humans and the Environment of sustainably grown/ organic food produced locally by smaller farm enterprises

Fair trade and sustainably grown products from abroad and how that benefits poorer people /regions.

Reduction in food waste, how to save money and the planet.

How supporting Trocaire and such organisations is important for both the Environment and people in areas that the effects of Climate change are most devastating.

We give thanks for our daily bread, for living in a beautiful bountiful part of the world and we hold the vision of a perfect planet where all flourish as Our Creator intended.



Celebrate an Eco friendly Christmas

At Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. However this can be just the background or lost completely in the consumer driven activity surrounding this time of the year. Care of the Environment can be lost too in the frenzy of shopping so while gifting each other is a lovely Christmas tradition, it is important to keep Christmas ‘Green’

Research shows that experiences make us happier than possessions so giving gifts that cause no waste can be great i.e. tickets fora show, a play or a sporting event can be great.

Some other suggestions:

Support local enterprise and the Environment with locally grown trees or plants for the garden (imported species can harm local flora and become invasive)

Local craft fairs selling handmade products like bird tables, feeders, etc.

Lessen waste by bringing a reusable shopping bag to avoid piling up several bags on goods. (Keep receipts if going from one shop to another).

Use minimum wrapping with recyclable paper, most Christmas wrapping paper is not recyclable.

Avoid buying ‘gift sets’ that are over packaged.

If you must, ask for paper bags rather than plastic.

When buying for children try to avoid buying plastic toys, wooden ones or books can become family heirlooms.

The best present you can give is your ‘presence’, your time with someone wrapped with love. They are what become precious memories.

Christmas blessings to all.


Eco  Congregation Climate Justice Candle

Eco congregation Ireland's Climate Justice Candle is travelling throughout Ireland helping to raise awareness of climate change in churches and parishes. Coming from the World Meeting of Families via Christ Church Cathedral it is in Tuam Cathedral this weekend from Saturday afternoon to Monday morning. Special prayers will be said at all masses and private prayer during it's stay is welcomed.


Eco congregation Tuam Parish

September 1st to October 4th is designated as Creation time

by churches throughout the world.

It is a special time for Christians to pray and reflect on

how we can better relate to all of Creation.

One of the initiatives for this time is ‘Shine a light on Climate Justice’

 with a Climate Justice Candle travelling around Ireland helping

 to raise awareness of climate justice in churches and parishes.

Tuam parish will host the candle on Saturday and Sunday 8th and 9th September.

Prayer services will take place during the visit.


Further details will be given closer to the visit.

Bog Road walk and Talk in Celebration of Creation 
A short Bog Road walk and talk in Celebration of creation will take place in Cloonfush bog on Sunday 12th August
At 11.00am. Parking is suggested at Al Hayes motors as parking is limited at start of walk 600 metres in Kilmore/Cloonfush road.
A lift to start will be available if necessary.(no need for wellies, walking shoes will suffice).

Well Well Well

As the Tuam Parish came in numbers to celebrate National Holy Wells day at Abbey Trinity on Saturday evening they were more than rewarded. Dr. Tony Claffey eloquently gave a very riveting account of the history of the "Well" and its origins. He informed the gathering if they were expecting to see the ruins of the Monastery to which the "Well" belonged they were 200 years too late, not a stone was left upon a stone, but what is left is a beautiful well (built by the Monks )with pure clean water thanks to the people of Tuam who have kept the river Nanny and it's outlets free from pollution.


The regeneration of Holy Wells all over Ireland was to make everyone aware of the necessity to keep our waters clean and pure for present and future generations (only in the last week 1000 brown trout were taken dead from a river near Claremorris). Work was ongoing for over 6 months in preparation for National Holy Wells Day and great credit is due first of all to the Abbey Trinity Residents who gave the initiative their 100% support. Frank Dolly and his co workers in Galway County Council have to be commended on their ongoing preparation of the entrance to the Well and the Well itself. Daithi and Ann Quinn, Willi Keifil, Patricia Farragher, Helen Kelly and Breeda Ward were the first to tackle the brambles and briars so great credit is due to them who emerged from the rubble unscathed and unscratched. Tuam Tidy Town and Eco Congregational of which some of the above are members can be proud of their achievements. Marie O’Gara and Sr. Mary Mc Dermott your prayer service took us to another level and the "Well" was well and truly blessed by Archbishop Michael Neary, Canon David Willimans and Fr.Pat Farragher and the ritual of taking water from the well by the boy Zac who was safeguarded by John Ryan was truly a lovely part of the ceremony. Archbishop Michael left no one doubting that they were not blessed by amply sprinkling everybody with the newly blessed water! Both P.J. Mc Grath and Eilish Tuttle added a heavenly dimension to the whole ceremony, Eilish with "How Great Thou Art" on the tin whistle and P.J. on the box with "Our Lady of Knock ". Their choices of many other pieces could be heard across Tuam in the stillness as dusk fell.


Jarlath Canney then led everyone across to the Synod Hall where food and chat was enjoyed by everyone and so ended a thought provoking, interesting and prayerful evening.  

National Holy Wells Day will be held on June 17th.

There are around 3,000 Holy Wells in Ireland. Since early Christian times these have been seen as places of prayer and healing.  There is a deep belief in this country
of the sacredness of water. It is reflected in the tradition of Holy Wells.  
A new initiative is National Holy Wells Day which will be marked on June 17th.

Here in Tuam we plan to mark National Holy Wells day with a special Ecumenical Service at the Abbeytrinity well on Saturday evening June 16th at approx. 7.00 p.m. just after the 6.00 pm. evening Mass at the Cathedral of the Assumption. 
The service will take place at the grounds close to the Abbeytrinity Well.
This is a joint venture between Tuam Tidy Towns, Eco Congregation
and the Pastoral Council. 
Teas and Coffees will be available at the Synod Hall of
St. Mary’s Cathedral after the Service.  
Tuam Eco congregation
were delighted to support Tuam Tidy Towns Annual event
which showcases their projects and plans for the year.
These include projects in the areas of Heritage, History and Environment. 
This year's environment area focused on the Nanny river which flows through the town. 
Local authority officer Catherine Seal led a walk along the river,
describing  habitat, flora and fauna. 
Special attention was given to the invertebrates living in the river.
A beautifully designed sign featuring birds,insects and plants
of Natural River Habitat was officially unveiled by Minister Sean Kyne. 
Michael Waldron of Tuam Tidy Towns pointed out the loss of many of our insects in the last 25 years due to phosphates in the water, mostly from washing powder.
He urged we check and eliminate the use of those brands
which contribute to the problem. 
A marquee in the park featured  Buzzing in the Park,
an information and visual display by Galway Bee keepers
emphasizing the need to protect our pollinators.
Information and display of bee friendly plants accompanied this.
Children enjoyed a pollinator treasure hunt.
Other stands provided information on water conservation
and recycling household items by Galway Co. Co.
An informative talk and display on Swift conservation,
which is one of our birds under threat, was given by Linda Huxley.
This environmental project along with the interesting talks on
the history and conservation of buildings, provided a wonderful day
Enjoyed in sunshine.
Tuam Tidy Towns are an integral part of our Eco congregation
and deserve every credit for this and all their work throughout the year.


COP21 Climate talks

The 21st session of the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change (COP21), takes place in Paris from November 30th to December 12th.

At this conference 195 groups and countries will gather to try to successfully reach a legally binding, fair and sustainable programme for reducing carbon emissions which is vital to keep Global temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius and secure the future of much of our Planet.

This is seen as a crucial meeting as scientists now agree that while the global climate can change slightly from time to time, the current changes and the speed with which they are happening are of man made origin.

Experts agree that a change of 4 degrees could possibly be fatal for life on earth as we know it.

We ask all to pray for the success of the talks.



COP21 Prayer


Lord guide the leaders at the COP21 Climate Change Conference to come to an agreement

that will secure the future of our Environment.

Help each of us to be mindful in our use of the Earth’s resources that we

may be good stewards of Your Creation.



A Presentation on Climate Change

will be given in the Parish Centre

On Wednesday 9th December at 8.00 pm.

by Emer Cosgrove. All welcome.



Eco Congregation Tuam Parish

Eco Congregation Ireland is a project initiated by the Church in Society Forum – a standing committee of the Irish Inter-Church Meeting.

It encourages churches of all denominations to take an ‘eco approach’ to worship, lifestyle, property and finance management, community outreach and contact with the developing world.

It encourages all to celebrate the gift of God’s Creation, to recognise the inter-dependence of all creation and to care for it in through their lifestyle choices.

It asks all to reflect on the beauty of God’s world, to pray for our wounded planet and the people in the parts of the world already affected by climate change.

It encourages taking practical steps which can prevent further damage to the Environment for all creatures and our own future generations.

Tuam Parish joined the Eco Congregation movement in 2013. Since then the Tuam group have organised events, walks, talks and prayer and reflection services which focus on the gift of God’s Creation and our responsibilities towards it’s protection.

Pope Francis’ recent Encylical ‘Laudato si’ on the Environment and Climate Change is proving to be a best seller world-wide.

We encourage everyone to read it either in book form, (available from Veritas and at the Knock Shrine bookshop) or on the Vatican website


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