Planning Your Ceremony


It is advisable to plan the ceremony as early as possible.

Couples may choose Scripture Readings from a number of books available or from booklets of other couples. You may wish to discuss this with your own priest.

Many couples opt to have a booklet, this is completely at your own discretion.

Flowers for Marriages are provided by the couple. When two marriages take place on the same day couples sometimes co-ordinate flowers and share the expense.

Musicians for the Church are chosen by the couple. There are a number of local organists and soloists and groups  who are accustomed to providing music at Marriage Ceremonies.

The Marriage Candle is provided by the couple.  There are a number of options including the candles which couples receive at some Pre-Marriage Courses.  Wedding candles are available from several retailers including florists, bookshops and gift shops sell personalised candles.  Stands for marriage Candles are available at the Cathedral.

Rehearsals should be booked at the Church where the marriage is to take place.  The rehearsal usually takes place in the evening of one of the days preceding the wedding, and should be arranged at a time that suits everybody involved. The handiest time is usually the evening directly before the wedding so as to easily facilitate members of the bridal party who may be travelling, however, this is up to yourselves. Book the rehearsal as soon as you know the time.